Today talk of the town is what is it about magnetic power generators? There are 2-3 of alternative energy products and technologies are popular and widely used, such as solar and wind power generator. The fact is solar panels and wind power generators have been widely well known more than magnetic power generators, why? Because they are easy to understand how they work, but magnetic generators do not. So just what is so good about these generators and how do they deliver where other more well known and popular technologies have failed? The answer to this lies in the simple yet efficient design and how practical they are.

Magnetic power generators are perpetual machines, the meaning of perpetual is that once put in rotation, it will not stop. This is the important point to how the magnetic generator work and generate electric power. The most popular magnetic design is the Howard Johnson Hojo Motor Plan, it is quite and environmental friendly.

Do you believe, a magnetic power generator will not stop and it will continue to spin for almost an eternity once you start a magnetic power generator. During it is rotating, it will generate the electricity. The advantage here is that this motion is self powered. These generators require very little outside power and they harness the bulk of their energy from magnets. Since magnets never exhaust or consume their inherent power, the generators are able to rotate continuously and produce the electric power for your home continuously.

The other advantage of this technology is:

1) Magnetic generator can work very well in all conditions, all locations and all seasons. Solar and wind power typically have the limited, such as if no sun, then solar power cannot work, or if no wind, wind turbines cannot rotate and push the electric power. Since the source of power for magnetic generators is internal, it means that no outside factor can influence the production of electricity. This means they can be used in any kind of climate and practically in any house hold around the world.

2) Magnetic power generator require a little space for installation.

3) Magnetic power generators can be built with no special technique or special tools, even the high school boy can build it.

4) You can easily find the electric parts that are used to assembly the magnetic generators at general electric store, and their cost just $80-$100.

5) In the first month you use a magnetic power generator, you will save your money from power bill up to 50% or more.