Understanding how magnetic power generator works is quite easy if you have studied the basic magnetic principles thought in elementary physics classes. The real question is “can magnetic generator such as HoJo Motor produce enough free energy to power your house”? It can definitely produce perpetual energy if you set up the unit correctly and use the maximum possible magnetic energy produced by it.

How Magnetic Generator Works?

As mentioned above the basic principle behind this simple magnetic electricity generator is taught in high school. We know that there are two poles of a magnet; north and south poles. If we place the opposite poles of two magnets in front of each other; they attract each other. Similarly when the same poles are placed against each other; a strong repulsive force is generated. Similar poles repulse each other and create a strong magnetic force between them.

Magnetic power generators are designed to use this repulsive force to produce free energy. However in a standard DIY magnetic generator, three magnets are used for producing perpetual energy. The similar poles of these magnets are placed in such way that they keep working for years unless their position is disrupted because of any reason. It is also called magnetic perpetual motion generator because of its ability to produce free energy forever.

How Much Free Electricity Can it Produce?

Now you have a fair idea of the basic principle behind this amazing device which has been around for quite some time. It is quite logical to ask if it is powerful enough or produce enough electricity for your whole house. The answer is simple; the more powerful magnets you use the more electricity will be produced. This simple machine can produce more energy than it requires to run itself therefore the extra energy is harnessed for producing free electricity.

A standard DIY homemade magnetic generator can be built with just $200. The components are available in any electrical store. You will need simple tools like pliers and cutters which can be found in every household. The basic model can be set up for less than $100 which will save your 40-50% of electricity. If you go for advanced models; you can simply eliminate your electricity bill. You can also sell surplus electricity to make some money.

Apart from providing you with free energy forever, this device does not cause any environmental pollution. It is definitely the most eco friendly way to produce free energy.