Perpetual Motion Generator for Your House!

I am always on the hunt for workable perpetual motion machine maker that can help me save electricity for my farm house.

Based on my previous success on building my first magnetic motor using the Hojo Motor system. My curiosity has triggered me to check out the Johnson Motor (TM) manual which recently made available to the market for a limited time.

The Johnson Motor is great, but I would highly recommend Home Made Energy which 100% leverage on Solar Power Devices!

Check out the video below to learn more!

What Exactly is Johnson Motor, and Why I Recommend Home Made Energy?

The Johnson Motor is the latest and hottest product teaching you how to create a perpetual motion generator from start to finish. The manual is available in PDF format and can be downloaded and saved under your PC. Alternatively, you can print out the manual as well! (The recommended way which I did) The e-book is created based on the research and development done by Howard Johnson.

Howard Johnson is very much made famous of his perpetual energy device invention back in the early 80’s. The truth is not too many people even realized the existence of Howard Johnson. His invention is like a secret till many magnetic motor devices are created and made public based on his invention pattern.

Some untold fact is:

  • Howard Johnson’s invention was made front page of the science and mechanics magazine in 1980’s.
  • Due to confidentiality, his invention was kept as a secret and had been utilized by the military for 18 years.
  • Howard Johnson Motor invention is also the ONLY blueprint that was awarded by 3 US patent.
  • But Howard Johnson Motor Magnetic Handbook have been duplicated many times in the marketplace.


I am always a big believer of using green energy to reduce cost and electricity. When I saw the product launch from a press release, I purchased a copy of it without any hesitation.

Well I can positively say that this is a very practical manual guide for those who are seriously looking into saving energy for your house. Nevertheless, I find that there is really nothing new to magnetic devices. In fact, you can always opt in for a COMPLEMENTARY copy which I offer to my subscriber for a limited time!

Here Are Some GOOD Things About Johnson Motor:

  • The manual is easy to read and also pack with colorful device pictures
  • Pretty user friendly and illustrate a step-by-step process of how to build your perpetual motion machine
  • Little fuel is required, and all run by magnetic devices
  • No wind nor energy power needed though Solar Energy is a better energy source
  • Inexpensive and newbie friendly

What I DISLIKE About the Johnson Motor:

  • There is no video instruction accompany with the manual
  • The manual claims that you can complete constructing a perpetual power generator in 2 hrs but I feel that you might need to spend more time if this is your first time.
  • The manual suggested total part investment of $50 but from my experience you will have to spend around $150-$200 in acquire the tool kits and necessary devices.
  • There is nothing NEW in the instruction and it’s pretty much same as the Magnetic Manual I made it available to the public.

Overall Recommendation:

I would recommend to grab a FREE VERSION as my subscriber rather than buy for one.

The only justification you need to consider will be the time of building the machine(depends on your experience) plus the accessories investment cost you need to acquire to build the machine.

In a nutshell, Magnetic Motor is an amazing device that had changed 1000’s of lives around the globe. Nevertheless, I find that Solar Energy can save you more money as compare to magnetic device.

I managed a few farm houses in Colorado, and I figured out solar panel home made energy can actually scale up to 50% savings as compare to magnetic engine which only save around 20-25%.

Additionally, the initial cost of investing in building a solar panels device is estimated less than $180 (inclusive of tools purchase) , but the long term rewards is amazing.  For me, I prefer Home Made Energy rather than the Johnson perpetual motion machine, and Solar Energy has become an indispensable asset for my farms.

Home Made Energy