Eden Biodome: DIY Geodesic Dome Kit!

The thing about living in Colorado is that you will always expecting a long winter! My friends called me MR. GREEN as I always looked for new ways to reduce energy and cut cost to provide better living environment for my family.

I have attempted many green initiatives including constructing my very first Hojo Motor magnetic generator, building an organic garden, or utilizing DIY Solar Panels to filter green energy for home use, and these things do work! Indeed, one of the things I am always curious to find out is how to grow your own foods and keep them under the perfect temperature so you can harvest and feed yourself under any circumstances. I know that some folks are doing the geodesic dome greenhouse way!

Watch Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Introduction Video Below:


Geodesic Dome Kit that Works!

For the last six months, I have been busy experimenting building my first geodesic dome greenhouse based on the Eden Biodome revolution manual. Luci (My wife) is actually the one who got me into the idea of checking out the Eden Biodome geodesic dome kit.

The concept of building a geodesic dome greenhouse wasn’t new to me. I have seen them on TV and Discovery channels, and always fancy of building one for myself.  I knew all I need is a legitimate system so I can build one without any difficulty!

Anyway, I bought a copy of the manual from (www.BiodomeRevolution.com) and immediately jumped on to build a test dome for myself, and amazingly it worked out well!

In appreciation of Kacper Postawski. the gentleman who put together such an interesting manual, I am writing a short Eden Biodome Revolution review, and hope my review can be helpful in guilding you constructing your very first geodesic dome greenhouse!

Overview of Eden Biodome Revolution (TM):

Eden Biodome Revolution (TM) is a digital product produced by Kacper M. Postawski, A gentleman who lived in Vancouver, Canada.

The program is available to purchase directly from (www.BiodomeRevolution.com) at the price of $49.97 for a limited time.

Basically Eden Biodome Revolution is the complete blueprint that shows you how to build a geodesic dome greenhouse from start to finish. The manual pretty much cover all the essentials listed below:

  • Steps by steps geodesic dome plans come with picture illustration and video tutorials on how to build your geodesic dome even if you,re a beginner
  • 3 Simple bullet proof formulas you MUST FOLLOW so to make your job easy
    This include determining the types of dorm you want and where to shop for raw materials inexpensively
  • How to modify the dome temperature, inclusive of how to control and balance the lighting even it’s winter!
  • How to use special dome calculator to pre-design your dome and get it ready in due course?
  • Checklists of what is needed to construct the dome
  • How to utilize woods to build your dome to effectively cutting down the cost?


The system very much cover every single step of building a complete geodesic dome from A to Z regardless of sizes or purposes!

What I Really like about Eden Biodome Revolution (TM) Manual:

  • I would say by far it is the most easy to understand yet comprehensive geodesic dome kit available in the market place today!
  • The system is very simple to implement with clear cut picture and video illustration on some of the critical parts such as how to assemble the dome
  • Eden Biodome manual is inexpensive and you don’t have to spend money hire a contractor to do so
  • I really like about the insulation and heating setup part. They are very straight forward!
  • The video illustration on designing the geodesic dome by using the calculator is very helpful for beginner!
  • There is also a dedicated blog whereby you can find some helpful tips & advice on the subject of “living green”
  • The e-book also discuss about the ideas of building a living dome for human instead of just for plants, and I find them very helpful!
  • The dorm kits checklist link is an awesome resources!

Possible DRAWBACK on the Program:

  • It’s only available in downloadable PDF format
  • I wish they can compact all the instruction in CD ROM and ship it to our home (for future consideration)
  • It takes time to digest especially you have no prior woodworking or handy man experience (at least that is how I feel)


Other than that, I have no complaint about the manual. The truth is most of the information can be easily obtain online if you want to take the hassle to go thru the internet and do so.

With the manual, the author very much put together everything in an easy yet logical fashion. To save your time, and just a one time payment, then you are ready to build your desired geometric dorm in a few weeks!

My Verdict on Geodesic Dome Kit

My research indicated that you might have to spend $20,000 to $30,000 to hire a contractor to build a living geodesic dome kit. With the handbook, you can easily do it yourself and keep the budget as little as below $10000 (This is for living geodesic dome).

If you are building a gardening dome, you can budget around $150-200 to construct it. By far, it’s still very cost effective to do so!


My 10' Diameter Dome

What I really like about geodesic dorm is you can start building a small one just like I did.

We did our experiment by building a 10′ diameter geodesic dome greenhouse for our gardening needs, and it worked out pretty well!

With the right temperature and insulation system in place, we have been able to grow organic vegetables and tomatoes for my family weekly consumption.

My next initiative is to build a large scale living Eden Biodome when summer is here! With inflation soaring, I figure out building a geodesic greenhouse has more pros than cons.

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