DIY Solar Panels For Your Home

I must admit that I am not a big fan of solar energy before I come across earth4energy. My neighbors all know that I save energy by running electricity thru my self-made magnetic generator based on the Hojo Motor system.

Since I managed a couple of farm houses in Colorado, I am always curious to learn how others save energy via various alternative energy sources.

Few months ago I was introduced to the Earth4energy program ( The program is a complete DIY solar panels system deigned by a gentleman named Michael.

See below to watch the 7 minutes video presentation if you are in a rush:

Earth4EnergyI saw a mutual friend of mine putting up his solar system on the root top of his house by using earth4enery manual, thus that triggered by curiosity to check out the system.

With skepticism, I purchased the system and put it into test. To my surprise, it worked better than expected, and now I am recommending the system to my friends and families.

In fact, I have officially included solar energy source as part of my overall energy saving strategies.

To pay my tribune to the system, I think it’s fair to write a review for earth4energy. So that you can decide whether this is right for you or not!

What is Earth4Energy?

Basically, earth4energy is a complete blueprint teaching you how to make use of solar energy for your home use and effectively cut down your electricity bills via DIY solar panels!

Solar Panels For Your Home: How Does it Work?

This is a complete solar panels for your home use system! The manual is pretty straight forward provided you have the right equipments and tool sets.

Earth4energy is a digital product available to purchase online via (

The Whole System Comes With the Following Materials:

  • A content rich e-book in PDF format detailing plans on how to build a solar panels.
  • The cost of the handbook is $50, pretty reasonable price.
  • On top of that, earth4energy also comes with some backend bonus which I bought them all at a handsome price!
  • The backend bonus consists of 4 e-books and only cost $67 dollars to acquire these 4 valuable package at the price of one.
  • These Do It Yourself e-books are “DIY Hot Water”, “My Organic Food Garden”, “Precious Water” and “Car Go H20”. I have went thru all of them, and I find them very helpful!
  • Earth4Energy alone comes with 7 series of practical videos detailing steps by steps process of constructing a solar panels from start to finish.


The 7 Videos Are Breaking Down into Three Main Sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Solar Energy
  • Session 2: Step by step process to build your solar energy under$100
  • Session 3: The 3 important MUST HAVE Solar resources listed below
  1. Solar Calculator: Showing you how many panels and site battery needed to construct your solar energy.
  2. Complete Installation Process: Illustration of how to properly install the panels like a pro.
  3. Detailed Electrical Wiring Plans: Blueprint showing you how to connect solar panels and feed energy to a storage battery.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the layout of the course. It’s self explanatory yet easy to follow.

I have tested many solar panel devices and many self-made solar energy courses, and I am confident to say that Earth4Energy has the highest vote in terms of credibility, quality and ease of use. By far it is the most complete solar blueprint in the marketplace yet inexpensive to acquire.

Certainly, there are some PROs and CONs of the product which I escalated below!

What I Really Like About Earth4Energy?

  • Undoubtedly, it is far most one of the best DIY solar panels blueprint I have ever come across
  • The truth is the system works and it is very much a legitimate blueprint
  • I monitored closely on my bills and it did cut 50% of my energy bill on one of my biggest farm houses that I purposely put it on test, and the energy saving is trilling!
  • The program comes with BONUS materials such as the wind turbine handbook + the physical CD delivered to my house!

Some Minor Dislikes I Have With Earth4Energy:

  • It takes about 2 weeks to get my CD.. at first I taught they might forget about it. I guess they must be pretty busy.
  • The system said you can get most spare parts from your nearby hardware stores, but I buy most of them from online retailers like
  • I spent around $200 dollars for the hardware as compare to $100 as suggested by Mike on his videos. My guess is you do need to put aside some extra budgets.(taking inflation into consideration)
  • It takes me one week to put together the solar panels for my farm house instead of just a few days.
  • I feel that with some engineering and handyman background will always be helpful though not necessary.


Other that that, I feel that this is a pretty good product to acquire!

My Verdict: Do I Recommend Earth4Energy?

You bet! I DO recommend the program! I also recommend to get the paid bonus for 4 products at additional price of merely $67 as well!

Nothing ventures nothing gains. The system totally changed my perception towards the possibility of building solar panels for home use!

I was skeptical at first, but now I am fully convinced since I did manage to build one from scratch by following the blueprint!

Earth4Energy has helped more than 100,000+ people in 23 countries benefiting from their monthly savings solar panel programs. Plus the program itself has received many positive testimonials from actual users, including my endorsement as well:)

Think about this, if you hire a contractor to do the job for you, you can easily spent up to $20,000 to get it built. If you choose to do it yourself, you will for sure save more money!

So far I spent around $250 (the handbook/training videos cost me $50 +$200 on spare parts) and I already saw the return on investment only a few months using solar panels for my farm house!

I hope my review helps and all the best in building the very first solar panels for your home!