How good will it be if you could create free energy in your house by using a DIY power generator! Magnetic electric machine now make this a reality. It goes without saying that many individuals all over the World have said goodbye to their costly power bills by creating their very own DIY energy device. Basically all you need will be the right plans and you will easily construct your magnetic electricity generator from the comfort of your home!

I am a handy man, thus when my cousin explained it is uncomplicated to construct your own generator powered by magnetism that can generate free energy to power your home, I could not get my plans fast enough!

After I downloaded the Hojo motor plans, read thru the necessary chapters and mark down all the necessary device lists, I went straight to my local Home Depot and acquired everything I needed. In fact, no special costly parts are needed as the magnets are pretty standard and absolutely easy to buy from any local hardware stores.

You can easily get them from Wall mart, Target or any nearby hardware stores.

It was the very first DIY energy generator, magnetic or else, which i had ever built. I have always looking up for something like this since I live in a farm house.

Just within three to forth attempt, I finally constructed my first generator. One month later, I checked on my electric meters and was shocked to see that I am able to save more than 30% of my farm house bills, that is pretty incredible! How awesome it is:)

I am now just finished building my second power generator for my dad, and thinking of building a few more and sell them to my local community.

If you are seriously thinking of saving energy, I truly can’t recommend this product enough.

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