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I live in Colorado, thus almost every winter I will have to spend some crazy dollars in paying off my electricity bills because I own a farm house. I am always on the look up for home energy solutions that work! Fortunately, I came across Hojo Motor plan few months back and the system has tremendously helped me save on tons of home energy and cut down electricity bills. After using the product for almost six months now, I decided to put together a short honest and unbiased review in regards to Hojo Motor. So that you can decide whether this is right for you!

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Hojo Motor(TM) is currently creating a huge buzz in the electricity industry as well as the green energy field. The intriguing claim of Hojo Motor by using home made magnetic generator plans to create free energy and completely eliminate your electricity bills is solid enough to elicit attention from everyone, especially those who have always wanted to save energy and embarked environmental friendly green technology. Based on the website, this trial blazing invention is indeed a major breakthrough in the green field if proven to be effective. So, does it really works Or it is just perhaps another one of those overly-hyped up free energy product you get from time to time?

So, What is Hojo Motor (TM)?

Howard and his invention:Hojo Motor Device

Hojo Motor is a green technology innovation plus 100% free energy device based on Howard Johnson’s patented magnetic generator. Howard Johnson is indeed one of the many greatest inventors of the past century, and he is often regarded as “The Father of Spintronics”. Howard spent his whole life researching and studying how to create free home energy via magnetic power generator device so that people can minimize their energy output and reduce electricity bills by leveraging on home made energy system!

Originated from Howard Johnson’s invention, the Hojo Motor(TM) was the ONLY device that certified by the United States Patent Office that prove to creating free energy for many years. Additionally, Hojo Motor was awarded 3 US patents as compared to other energy devices!

How Does this Free Energy Generator Work in Reality?

Hojo Motor is a digital and downloadable e-book, also come with free videos available after purchase. The plan is presented in a step by step and easy to understand format. The magnetic power plans offer a solution that you can apply right away and notice visible result in less than 2 days! Lifetime update and detailed instructions on creating the magnetic free energy device are included.

In the website, you will find several positive testimonials from people who already benefits by using Howard’s program – the Hojo Motor system. The plans also go into detail explaining how energy work, and how to put together simple magnetic device to create free energy. Even you are a completely newbie, you will be amazed of how easy it is to set up the system.

How Much Does it Cost?

The E-book introductory price is $49.97, inclusive a free video of explaining how the entire process works! There is a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product!

(To save you some money – as a valuable reader of my blog, please note that my complementary manual cover the exact process with ZERO cost!)

Actual Test: Is it Legit or Scam?

Based on my experience, the average time frame for building the device take around 4 days (Bear in mind I do have a mechanical background:). However, results will vary from one person to another due to a number of factors, including how handy you are, and your prior knowledge in electricity is a sure plus. While some claimed to build the system in 2 days, while others might take up to 1 week to do so. The general debate is less than one week should you follow the plans accordingly not to reinvent the wheel!

After using the self made magnetic engine for about a few months, I actually reduced my expenditure on electricity bills between 20 – 30 percent, which is pretty significant!

Key Observation

What POSITIVE about the system:

  • The Hojo motor system meets all the compliance requirement(US patent office) and it is a bullet prove system that work!
  • This DIY house generator system is safe and easy to implement with little noise pollution.
  • It’s a quiet perpetual motion generator with zero pollution and definitely help to reduce carbon footprint and benefit the environment!
  • The plan is proven to save your home and appliance bills, considered to be one of the best voted alternative energy sources.
  • Magnetic generators are cheaper as compare to solar and wind energy as it doesn’t rely much on climatic condition though I rely lots on Solar Energy nowadays! My newsletters explained most of the reasons why:)
  • The plans are tested and backed up by unsolicited testimonials from many folks who have claimed the system to be effective
  • Howard Johnson motor is safe. The motor system uses non-flammable fuels and so no fire hazards.
  • The free magnetic energy device requires little fuel nor external power source, thus practically it has zero operating overhead.
  • Risk free and low maintenance. Once you set it up, you are done!
  • The most fascinating part of magnetic device is the power will be automatically stored in the center battery when you are not running it. Even when you turn it on, it will regenerate the power inside out of the device, thus the power will never run out.



  • It takes us 4 days to build the device rather than 2 days thought not really a big deal.
  • You are not completely free from paying electricity bills BUT just significantly lower your energy output via home made energy.
  • The course does not include extra dollars which you need to spend on acquiring additional devices such as battery and the necessary wire and magnetic spare part! So be ready to top in extra $50-$100 dollars for additional home depot shopping.
  • There are many similar offer out there thus I would suggest you to get a FREE VERSION if you’re a complete beginner
  • Magnetic energy is great BUT I feel solar energy is much better for long term sustainability


The Howard Johnson Motor Plan has been reproduced many times by different vendors and I noticed it’s pretty much the same as the one I am using previously which I now offer to my subscriber 100% free!

My Overall Recommendation:


  • Rating: 9 out of 10 – one of the best revolutionary green yet workable free energy solutions I highly recommended!
  • There are some reviews out there and say it’s a scam, but I disagreed with those reviews as it does work for me and many other positive users
  • Reliable yet Cheap Power Generator for Every Household and I would recommend to download a FREE version rather than buying one!
  • If you are looking to cut down your electricity bills and save tons of energy cost, why not consider building a free energy generator device that works!
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